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FundKeeper Basics

FundKeeper helps solve the front, middle and back office issues direct-at-mutual fund investing create.  Read our white paper about its origins and capabilities. FundKeeper is a mutual fund trading, clearing and back-office administrative and operational service. With FundKeeper, the intermediary can work from a single platform to:

  • Execute on new accounts
  • Help perform holistic suitability and compliance
  • Calculate commissions and level loads
  • Provide internet web access, statements and other investor documents all mutual fund investments
  • Use omnibus accounts at the fund to eliminate multiple contacts points and multiple data files
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Don’t go blindly to brokerage

April 25, 2019 | ARTICLE | BY KELLY LYNCH As a technology provider to independent broker-dealers, we know that cost, regulatory pressure and information consolidation are three themes that dominate operational decisions around the trading,

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