FundKeeper Detailed Capabilities


Envision Financial Systems created FundKeeper to provide broker dealers and other financial intermediaries an alternative solution for solving common problems with managing mutual-fund-only investor accounts. Traditionally, intermediaries have either opened and held these accounts directly with mutual fund families—and suffered business inefficiencies and lack of transparency. Or, they’ve been forced to “go to conventional brokerage” with accounts unsuited to conventional brokerage’s fees and complexity.

Read our white paper for more details about the origin and functionality of FundKeeper:

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How It Works

FundKeeper combines technology, administrative and operational services to provide a turnkey approach that consolidates your directly held mutual fund investments on to a single platform—with the potential to turn what’s now a cost center into a new revenue stream.

FundKeeper’s operations and technology integrate seamlessly into intermediaries’ existing systems. FundKeeper is modern and nimble and it isn’t weighed down by non-mutual-fund functionality. The result is a set of capabilities across the entire shareholder servicing spectrum.


  • Risk prioritized reconciliation of the individual account positions to the fund omnibus position.

  • Maintain all fund settings such as fund minimums, 12(b)-1 rates, load tables including fund prospectus updates.

  • Gather and maintain all dividend information, corporate action information, daily net asset values and daily accrual rates.

  • Accept automated file feed of branch/rep information.

  • Transmit trade activity and position files to Broker.

  • Transmit commission, 12(b)-1 and service fee files to Broker.


  • Coordinate regulatory, post-sale prospectus and proxy delivery (optional prospect prospectus delivery available).

  • Receipt of incoming mail and checks.

  • Provide access to over 16,000 CUSIPS having selling and service agreements available via the platform.

  • Back office processing including new accounts, trade processing, account maintenance, account options (SWPs, AIPs, ROA, LOI etc.) and account adjustments.

  • Assist with AML compliance.

  • Trading and settlement with the funds.

  • Asset transfer processing for fund-to-firm, firm-to-fund and firm-to-firm transfers to the platform.

  • Not in good order review and communication with broker dealer or customer.

  • Initiate and respond to shareholder correspondence.

  • Lost shareholder and escheatment services.

  • Administer and distribute commissions, 12b-1s and fund service fees.

  • Administer short-term trading and Contingent Deferred Sales Charge (“CDSC”) fees.

  • Maintenance of dealer/ branch /rep information.

  • Investor tax reporting including cost basis.

  • Print and mail shareholder checks, statements, confirms and tax forms.

  • Document retention.

  • IRA account custodian services including prototype documents.

  • IRA account processing and maintenance, custody fee processing and IRA tax reporting and compliance.


  • A single environment that supports subaccounts and NSCC Matrix Level 3 and Level 0 accounts held at the fund and simplifies subaccount transfers. Matrix Level 0 can meet your books and records.

  • A central fund repository where fund control settings, dividend announcements, corporate actions, daily net asset values and daily accrual rates are centralized and updated from the DTCC Mutual Fund Profile and other services. These are then immediately available to all systems, eliminating the potential for disparate and conflicting information across systems.

  • Branded web site and mobile access for account inquiry, maintenance, forms access and trading activities by the back office, reps and investors.

  • A secure hosted solution with primary, secondary and disaster recovery data centers, application monitoring and support 24/7/365.

  • Configurable account, transaction and fee types, multiple load schedules within a CUSIP, as well as asset allocation models and processing schedules without the need for programming resources.

  • Support for single sign-on capabilities into the branded web site for the back office and reps.

  • Support for interfaces to/from the platform and the broker dealer via APIs, files or images.

  • Daily and nightly system processing to post transactions and generate reports/files.

  • Testing of new enhancements within the platform environment.

  • Automated suitability and market timing testing whose findings are reported to your firm’s principals for review.

  • Systematic application of the Rights of Accumulation (“ROA”) and appropriate Letter of Intent (“LOI”) break-points to your clients’ trades.

  • Managed account support including an unlimited number of models, automatic rebalancing, asset based fees and performance calculation.

  • Advanced identification processes to locate and process “as of” transactions requiring dividend adjustments.

  • Automated reconciliation process for broker-to-broker transfers.

  • Automatic and systematic identification and resolution of Contingent Deferred Sales Charge (“CDSC”), ROA and rounding differences between aggregated omnibus orders and subaccount trades on trade date.

  • Support for multi-cycle fund pricing.

  • Integrated transaction processing and reporting.

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