Broker dealers & intermediaries:
Bring your customers home.

Award-Winning Mutual Fund Platform

  • FundKeeper lets independent broker dealers and other intermediaries “bring home” accounts currently held directly with mutual fund families.
  • FundKeeper is NOT traditional brokerage. It solves the compliance and operational problems of direct-at-fund accounts…while maintaining the simplicity that advisors and clients like about “going direct.”
FundKeeper Compared to Direct & Conventional Brokerage

Problems FundKeeper Solves

How to attract & retain reps...while getting away from direct

Reps like direct... your firm can preserve options

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How to achieve consistent oversight & compliance

Deliver the funds you want... consistently

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How to stop paying for tech and ops resources you shouldn't need

Consolidate your data sources... and streamline processes

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News & Insights

Don’t go blindly to brokerage

April 25, 2019 | ARTICLE | BY KELLY LYNCH As a technology provider to independent broker-dealers, we know that cost, regulatory pressure and information consolidation are three themes that dominate operational decisions around the trading,

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