Why FundKeeper

Envision Financial Systems and U.S. Bank Global Fund Services have collaborated to offer an alternative to provide broker dealers and other financial intermediaries with a new solution that solves common problems with managing mutual-fund-only investor accounts:

  • Traditionally, intermediaries have either opened and held these accounts directly with mutual fund families—and suffered business inefficiencies and lack of control.
  • Or, they’ve been forced to “go to conventional brokerage” with accounts unsuited to conventional brokerage’s fees and complexity.

FundKeeper is a shareholder servicing and recordkeeping platform that integrates with intermediaries’ existing software. FundKeeper provides comprehensive, centralized account management—with the potential to change shareholder servicing from a cost center into a new revenue stream.

FundKeeper Basics

FundKeeper is a mutual fund trading, clearing and back-office administrative and operational service. From a single servicing point, FundKeeper can deliver financial intermediaries all of the features currently received when they open accounts directly with mutual fund families. Essentially, Fund Keeper can consolidate an intermediaries’ existing direct-at-fund accounts and place them on a single intermediary-branded platform across fund families. With FundKeeper, the intermediary can work from a single platform to:

  • Execute on new accounts
  • Help perform holistic suitability and compliance
  • Calculate commissions and level loads,
  • Provide internet web access, statements and other investor documents all mutual fund investments
  • Use omnibus accounts at the fund to eliminate multiple contacts points and multiple data files
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About Envision Financial Systems

Envision is headquartered in Costa Mesa, CA.  Envision provides real-time mutual fund shareholder subaccounting and servicing technologies, reconciliation, and data gathering services. Envision customizes our technology and services to help firms control and optimize their productivity and customer satisfaction. The company and its executives are featured regularly in industry media, including Ignites, Money Management Executive and the NICSA conferences. Learn more at www.enfs.com.

About U.S. Bank Global Fund Services

Headquartered in Milwaukee since 1969, U.S. Bank Global Fund Services leverages its experienced back-office support to mutual funds for those financial intermediaries that desire to consolidate their clients directly held registered investments. U.S. Bank Global Fund Services is a subsidiary of U.S. Bank, the fifth largest commercial bank in the United States.

Quasar Distributors, LLC is FundKeeper’s fully disclosed broker dealer.